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Boulder Mountain, It's your ticket to clean air and good times.

The sunset falling across the beautiful Boulder Mountain sky will have you staring up in awe, from the balcony of your private condo, or maybe laying down on your front lawn sipping a nice cold drink and recalling the events of the day. Of course, in Boulder Mountain, you don't have as many worries as most others do, your air is clean, the water is fresh, and you can always say hello to a complete stranger and expect a big smile. And as always, you are only moments away from the breathtaking scenes unfolding across the skyline and around hundreds of hiking trails, nature areas, and natural historical landmarks. Just remember to take your kids to the A-class schools this town has to offer, on time. It's hard not to forget when you get lost in the warm atmosphere that surrounds Boulder Mountain all year round. It's not a muggy warm, just a comfortable, intoxicating environment.

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